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January 17, 2020 - Toronto.com

East Toronto MPP wants homelessness declared a state of emergency

“Berns-McGown, who represents Beaches-East York and serves as the Ontario NDP’s critic for poverty and homelessness, made the call to action on Jan. 16 in response to the addition of the 1,000th name to the Toronto Homeless Memorial and the dismantling of homeless emcampments in the Rosedale Valley.


November 12, 2019 - Beach Metro

In My Opinion: How you can help as we deal with this climate emergency

“Time is running out for meaningful climate action. It’s imperative that governments at all levels, and of all political stripes, work together and take it seriously. It needs to become part of our discourse that inaction on the climate emergency is a political nonstarter.

It’s why I am very pleased, as a member of the Official Opposition, that the Ontario NDP has put forward a vision for a Green New Deal that actively addresses these issues.

We need action that will result in a timely and effective transition to clean energy and the green jobs that go along with it."


May 1, 2019 - Beach Metro

In My Opinion: Our health system is under attack, and action is needed now

“People have questions and deep concerns. They’re concerned about what Doug Ford is willing to cut in order to balance the books and what privatization of huge swaths of our health care will mean for the quality and accessibility of services across Ontario.

Process matters. In addition to the substantive concerns that Ontarians have about the bill, they are also rightly deeply concerned about the way the bill was written and railroaded through the legislature without any of the customary opportunities for organizations and individuals to have their say, voice their concerns, and attempt to ameliorate bad ideas and make them better."


April 16, 2019 - Beach Metro

Beaches-East York MPP Berns-McGown excited to be a member of NDP's history making Black Caucus

“As the Critic for Poverty and Homelessness, I am very aware of the ways in which anti-black racism fuels the systems that push black people into and keep them in poverty – and I am excited to work actively to counter those systems."


March 22, 2019 - CBC Ottawa

AUDIO: All in a Day with Alan Neal: Bill 83 Islamophobia

“Of course we need to get rid of all forms of hate, we need to get rid of all forms of racism, but one can't do that generally, one has to do that specifically. We need to go after Antisemitism, after homophobia and transphobia, after Anti-Black racism, after Anti-Indigenous racism, after Islamophobia but we have to do it specifically because each of these versions of hate manifests differently."


March 20, 2019 - Toronto.com

Beaches-East York MPP introduces bill against Islamophobia

“In my mind, it makes it very difficult for Conservatives to vote against (this bill). I urge (them) to consider what it means to recognize Islamophobia...it’s vital to “acknowledge and recognize hate” in the various ways it manifests and how it affects specific groups of people."


March 15, 2019 - CBC News

Hundreds mourn Christchurch mass shooting victims at Toronto city hall vigil

"It is no longer possible to ignore the link between this kind of violence and divisive, hateful political rhetoric..."


February 19, 2019 - CTV News

Autism families angered by income level to qualify for maximum funding


January 22, 2019 - Beach Metro

In My Opinion: We must work together for an Ontario to be proud of

"If you’ve never spoken out publicly before, now is your time. You don’t have to be a politician to speak to your friends, neighbours, and the folks you know from school or your faith community. Speak out and speak up. You know what it means to create a world that works for your family, and for everyone around you, so let your voice be heard. We deserve better, and I know we can make it happen if we work together..."


November 29, 2018 - Toronto.com

East-end Toronto activists continue fight to stop delivery of Your Ward News

"It is violent for people to even receive this. Then there’s the additional fear that somebody might act on it..." 


November 17, 2018 - City News and CP24

Pedestrian bridge near Crescent Town elementary school partially collapses

No injuries after pedestrian bridge in east end partially collapses

“Mercifully it happened on a weekend morning and there were no kids or parents on or under it & no injuries. It could have been catastrophic.”


September 12, 2018 - The Toronto Star

In their own words: Toronto MPPs weigh in on Bill 31 and the notwithstanding clause

"Doug Ford’s willingness to trample Ontarians’ Charter rights for the sake of getting his own way is an unprecedented attack on our fundamental freedoms and downright terrifying..."